My Own Results (2 months)

Posted on 07 February 2012 by tuncalisecz

hair loss before afterWhen I had first noticed my hair loss, I did what almost everyone does on these days. I asked about this hair loss thing to my dear friend Google. I was surprised how many websites were out there about hair loss. However, most of the websites were filled with myths and legends. They were either trying to sell their products or not giving solid, proven information. There were showing absolutely no results. All they were telling was that I should buy their “miraculous” product. Well, honestly, I did buy some of those products.

After months of trying and failing, I was frustrated. Then something weird happened. It was like an epiphany. Why hadn’t I thought of that before? I am a pharmacist who work as a cancer researcher, and part of my job is to read latest improvements and scientific studies about cancer. Why was I not doing that for my own problem? I had access to hundreds of scientific research and latest studies about hair loss. Normally you would have to pay hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars to reach that kind of information.

I, then started reading the studies. What works, and what doesn’t? How long it takes to work? What kind of a treatment you need for your stage of hair loss? All those information was there, and they were scientific studies. After I learned facts of hair loss and how to treat it, I was happy, relieved, yet angry. I was angry because they lied to me. They lied to me to sell their products to me. I had spent hundreds of dollars to “miraculous” products that don’t work.

As soon as I started my treatment, I thought I should make a website about hair loss and tell people how to deal with this problem. You can see my improvements in 2 months in the picture. That is just the beginning. Real visible results normally take up to 6 months. I will update you with my progress. You can also get this type of results.

At this point of my treatment I had been using Rogaine for 2 months.

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